7 Questions about iPhone batteries answered - 2023

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iPhone batteries can behave weirdly and it's not always easy to understand everything, here are 7 questions answered about iPhone batteries.

An iPhone charging using a battery, the battery settings is displayed

Where to buy original iPhone battery?

Since April last year, Apple has been selling genuine parts for some of its devices, including the iPhone.You can buy the original iPhone battery at Apple’s Self-Service Repair store.

The cost looks quite expensive, but they are refunding half of the price if you return the replaced part after the repair.

Note that if you can repair yourself the battery, you won’t have the same battery warranty as if you go to an Apple Store for the battery replacement. Be sure to contact them once the battery replacement has been done to initiate System Configuration

Why my iPhone battery is draining while charging?

There are multiple possible reasons why your battery is draining while your iPhone is on charge. Usually, it means that there is an issue between the charger and the iPhone. It can be an issue with the charger, the wire cable used to charge the iPhone or the charger port on the iPhone.

Try different chargers and different cables and see if the issue is gone, and do not use the iPhone while charging during these tests.

But it also can be an issue with the battery, check how bad is your battery health on your iPhone. If it’s under 80%, then you should consider replacing your battery, you can either go to an Apple Store or change the battery yourself using one of these replacement batteries.

Does a fast charger damage iPhone battery?

No, a fast charger does not damage an iPhone battery, but it can reduce the battery life a little bit. Fast charging is not better than normal charging for batteries, but it’s not that worse either.

The difference between the two ways of charging would only be a few percent of battery health after years of charging. So there is nothing to worry about while using a fast charger on iPhones, as far as you are using a good charger.

Does overcharging an iPhone battery damage it?

Technology regarding battery charging on iPhones evolved a lot since the first iPhone, and nowadays overcharging an iPhone battery won’t damage it.

However, you can see your battery health decreasing a little bit more than if you did not charge your iPhone overnight, that’s why Apple added a feature to limit this. But the difference is really small, even if there are rumors saying the opposite, like this viral TikTok video.

It’s really easy to reset the battery health to 100% by replacing your iPhone’s battery in an Apple Store, and I don’t think that keeping battery health to 100% after a year of usage is possible, unless you do not use the iPhone at all.

Don’t bother by not recharging your iPhone overnight, the difference is not significant enough. You should rather try to reduce battery usage to avoid seeing your battery health decrease too fast.

Does replacing the iPhone battery erase data?

No, replacing the iPhone’s battery does not erase data, the only tasks done by Apple are replacing the battery and resetting the battery health to 100%.

But if you need to replace your battery because of a specific issue like a battery swelling issue, then you could lose all your personnel data as Apple could need to replace the entire phone in some cases.

Anyway, it’s not a big deal to save the most important document on your iPhone, either save them on your computer or on your iCloud account before replacing the battery.

Why does my iPhone battery drain while idle?

An iPhone battery draining while idle means most of the time that there is something running in the background, using power and therefore battery. Here are a few things to do to fix the issue:

  • Restart your iPhone, it will reset all potentially running applications
  • Update your iPhone if there is one available.
  • Delete all unnecessary applications. The more apps you have, the more battery is used.

If you recently updated your iPhone, it’s normal to see your battery drained more than usual as the phone need to reindex all the files sometimes.

An iPhone battery drain while idle could also be due to some syncing happening in the background, like Apple Music downloading all the new songs added to your library, or iCloud syncing all the photos on the cloud.

If none of this helped, check your battery health to see if your battery need to be replaced.

Why is my iPhone battery increasing without charging?

The only reason why your iPhone battery increase without charging could be because of the system calibrating the battery capacity according to the battery health. If your battery maximum capacity decrease, then your iPhone will have to understand it, and therefore could increase the battery percentage.

But if this is happening too often, it could be a bug. You should update your iPhone if there is any update available, or download Malwarebytes to check if there is any malware on your iPhone.



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