Maxime Levesque

Maxime Levesque is a technical engineer with more than 5 years of professional experience. He is an expert in computer and phones, mostly on Apple products. Maxime is also the founder of TechBrowser.
Works for: TechBrowser



Professional experiences

I've worked for 5 years as a technical engineer, in different French companies, where I could learn many things about tech.

I've put in places many different network systems, some Windows systems but mainly Linux ones.

I've also worked for a great video CDN as a technical support engineer, helping the most famous Internet Service Provider in Europe to deliver the best experience to the end-users.

My professional experiences helped me to learn many skills in tech, networking and systems.

Passionate about tech since I'm born

I've always been the tech guy in my family, helping every ones to fix their tech issues. I can't tell how many times my grandma called me to fix her printer, iPad, TV or smartphones.

I've always been passionate about tech, always wanted to learn more about it, and I also love to help other people to understand it better, and to fix their issue.

That's why I created this blog, and why I wrote so much information about it. To help other people to understand better the tech world and to fix your issues about tech. I really hope that my writings help you in a way or another.


Email: [email protected]