The Best Mini Microphone for iPhone

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As an audio equipment expert with extensive experience in testing various mini microphones for the iPhone, I'm excited to share my insights with you.

My hands-on approach in evaluating these mics, ranging from compact lavalier models to advanced mini designs, has been tailored specifically for iPhone users' diverse needs.

In this article, I'll provide you with a concise yet detailed analysis of each product, highlighting their key features and practical performance. Choose the ideal mini microphone for your iPhone, whether for podcasts, vlogs, or any other audio recording needs.

Best Overall: BOYA Lavalier

Best Overall


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy setup
  • Good outdoor recording quality


  • Indoor recording volume can be low
  • No battery life indicator

The BOYA BY-WM3T2-D2 Wireless Lavalier Microphone is a game-changer for iPhone users, especially those involved in vlogging, podcasting, or live streaming. Designed with portability in mind, this tiny powerhouse of a microphone has been a remarkable addition to my recording toolkit.

Design and Build

Firstly, its design is impressively compact. The clip-on transmitter is small enough to be inconspicuous. It’s as light as an AAA battery, making it comfortable for extended use​​. The overall build quality is robust, with the package including two transmitters, a receiver with a lightning connector, USB-A to USB-C charging cables, foam windshields, and a manual​​.


In terms of performance, the BOYA lavalier mic shines in outdoor environments, delivering clear voice recordings. The omnidirectional mic captures sound from all directions, making it ideal for dynamic recording situations​​. For indoor recordings, while the audio quality is good, I noticed that the volume tends to be low, necessitating post-editing gain adjustments​​, but it probably can be fixed with the correct settings.

Connectivity and Ease of Use

Setting up the microphone is a breeze. It features a simple plug-and-play design with an automatic connection - no Bluetooth or additional apps needed​​. Its compatibility with iOS devices is seamless, thanks to the MFi-certified Lightning connector​​.

Battery Life and Charging

The battery life of the transmitter is advertised at around 10 hours, which I found to be fairly accurate during my tests. The receiver, powered by the iPhone, does not significantly drain the phone’s battery​​. Additionally, you can charge your iPhone while using the microphones by plugging the USB-C charger to the transmitter while it is connected to your iPhone.

Audio Quality

Outdoor recordings are crisp, albeit with some background noise due to its omnidirectional nature. However, it still outperforms the iPhone’s default mic in filtering background noise​​. Noise cancelling is effective, but can slightly distort voice recordings​​.

Brand: Boya Connectivity: Transmitter using 2.4GHz wireless technology Microphone Type: Omnidirectional Battery Life: 10 hours Dimensions: 2.05x1.0x0.77 inches Weight: 6g each Microphone

Cheapest Mic: MAYBESTA lavalier

Cheapest Mic


  • Easy pairing
  • Tiny and lightweight design
  • Effective noise reduction


  • Sound quality outdoor

The MAYBESTA Professional Wireless Lavalier Lapel Microphone is an exceptional tool for content creators using iPhones and iPads. This cordless omnidirectional condenser microphone is tailor-made for interviews, podcasts, vlogs, and YouTube recordings. After thoroughly testing this microphone in various settings, I am eager to share my insights.

Design and Build

The MAYBESTA AN151 boasts a sleek, compact design that emphasizes portability and discretion. Its lightweight nature (weighing just 0.705 ounces) enhances its usability for video capturing, podcast recording, or live streaming without any added bulkiness​​.


In my tests, the MAYBESTA AN151 performed admirably in both indoor and outdoor settings. The omnidirectional pattern effectively captures 360-degree sound. The built-in noise-canceling capability is particularly impressive, efficiently eliminating background noise in most scenarios​​. However, it's important to note that in noisier outdoor environments, its performance may vary, and additional professional equipment might be needed​​.

Ease of Use

As the BOYA microphone above, it's a true plug-and-play device – no need for Bluetooth connections or additional applications. Simply connect the receiver to your device and turn on the microphone; they pair automatically​​.

Battery and Charging

The microphone comes with a 65mAh rechargeable battery, providing up to 4.5 hours of operation. If it‘s less that other mics, it is still impressive for such a small device and is sufficient for most recording needs. The charging time is only two hours.

Brand: MAYBESTA Microphone Type: Omnidirectional Weight: 0.705 ounces Dimensions: 2.24 x 0.59 x 0.91 inches Transmission Distance: Up to 50 ft

Best Vlogging: BOYA Foldable

Best Vlogging


  • Compact an Portable
  • Plug and Play
  • Adjustable Recording Angle
  • High-Quality Sound


  • IPhone Battery Life Dependency
  • Close-Range Limitation

The BOYA BY-P4D is a compact and foldable external microphone designed specifically for iPhones, iPads, and iPods. As someone who regularly creates content for YouTube and engages in live streaming, I found this microphone to be a valuable addition to my gear. Let's delve into the features and performance of the BOYA BY-P4D based on my hands-on experience.

Design and Build

The first thing you'll notice about the BOYA BY-P4D is its ultra-compact size. Weighing only 0.353 ounces with dimensions of 0.73 x 0.73 x 2.36 inches, it's impressively portable. The design includes a 90° adjustable recording angle, allowing you to rotate the microphone to the best sound-pickup position depending on your recording needs​​.

Connectivity and Ease of Use

The BY-P4D adopts an MFI-certified lightning connector, making it widely compatible with a range of iOS devices, including the iPhone 14 series, iPhone 13 series, and earlier models. Its plug-and-play functionality, powered directly by the iPhone, ensures ease of use without the hassle of handling batteries or external power sources​​.


In terms of performance, the BY-P4D's omnidirectional pickup pattern is designed to capture sound from all directions, making it suitable for close-range recording. This feature, combined with its wind protection cover, ensures clear and clean audio capture, minimizing wind noise and other disturbances​​. During my testing, the microphone provided excellent audio quality for various types of recordings, including vlogs, interviews, and live streams.

Microphone Type: Omnidirectional Mini Mic Connectivity: Lightning connector Design: Foldable, 90° adjustable angle Weight: 0.353 Dimensions: 0.73 x 0.73 x 2.36 inches

Tiniest Mics: SABANI lavalier

Tiniest Mics


  • Tiny and lightweight
  • Advanced noise-cancelling technology
  • Charging case


  • Dependence on the charging case for extended use

Recently, I had the opportunity to test the SABANI Wireless Microphone for iPhone. This microphone, with its 500mAh charge case and long playtime, is specifically designed for iPhone users. It caters to various needs, from TikTok and YouTube content creation to podcasting and vlogging. Here's my detailed review based on my experience with this product.

Design and Build

The SABANI wireless lavalier microphone stands out with its tiny and discreet design. It's a clip-on mini mic, making it virtually unnoticeable when worn. This design allows for free movement and expression without any distractions, ideal for on-the-go content creation​​.


The microphone features advanced automatic noise-canceling technology. It's sensitive and efficient at capturing voice with 360-degree clarity, ensuring every word and emotion is clearly recorded. Whether it's for interviews or live streaming, the audio quality is good enough, but I would prefer the BOYA one if you need a professional level of audio quality.

Connectivity and Ease of Use

Designed specifically for the iPhone, it allows you to charge your phone while using the mic, eliminating any battery concerns during extended recording sessions. Its ease of use is commendable – it's straightforward to set up and attach to an iPhone, making it suitable even for users who are not tech-savvy​​.

Brand: SABANI Microphone Type: Mini Lavalier Noise Canceling: Advanced noise-cancelling technology Battery: 500mAh battery case, up to 30 hours of playtime

Buying Guide for Mini Microphones for iPhone

Compatibility with iPhone

Check for direct compatibility with the iPhone's Lightning port. Ensure the microphone supports your specific iPhone model.

Microphone Type

  • Mini Lavalier Mics: Ideal for discreet, hands-free operation during interviews, podcasts, or vlogs.
  • Compact Directional Mics: Suitable for focused audio capture, particularly in outdoor or noisy environments.


  • Wired vs. Wireless: Wired microphones offer simplicity and reliability, while wireless mics provide freedom of movement.
  • Bluetooth Capability: Some mini mics may offer Bluetooth connectivity, which is convenient but may vary in audio quality compared to direct plug-in mics, and wireless mics with transmitter.

Sound Quality

Prioritize microphones with clear sound capture, low handling noise, and, if possible, noise cancellation features.

Portability and Design

A key feature of mini mics is their portability. Look for lightweight, compact designs that are easy to carry and set up.

Battery Life and Charging

For wireless mini mics, consider the battery life. Longer battery life is crucial for extended recording sessions.


Choose a microphone that is robust and well-built to withstand regular use, especially when recording outdoors.

Additional Features

Features like mute buttons, LED indicators, and adjustable recording angles can enhance the microphone's versatility and ease of use.


Will these mini microphones work with older iPhone models?

Most mini microphones are compatible with newer iPhone models with Lightning ports. For older models, you may need an adapter.

Are mini microphones suitable for professional audio recording?

While mini microphones are great for convenience and portability, they may not match the audio quality of larger, professional-grade microphones.

However, most many professional journalist use mini Lavalier microphones for their interviews.

Do I need to install any software to use a mini microphone with my iPhone?

Generally, no additional software is needed. Most mini microphones designed for iPhones are plug-and-play. You might want to use a specific software to record audio or video, so you can tweak the settings as you wish.

How can I prevent wind noise when recording outdoors with a mini microphone?

Look for microphones that come with wind protection, such as foam covers, to minimize wind interference.



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