How to find saved videos on iPhones - 2023

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Finding videos is not obvious for people who are not used to iPhones, they can be in 2 different places, I will give detailed explanations for both cases.

To find your saved videos on your iPhone:

  1. Open the Photos application
  2. Go to the search tab
  3. Search for “Videos” to show all the videos, including the saved ones
  4. You can add things to the search in order to retrieve your video faster

If your video is not there, it might be because you downloaded it from Safari, a downloaded video is different than a saved video, check the below post for more explanations.

Where to find saved videos on iPhones

Each time you receive a video, or view a video using the iOS video player, you have the opportunity to save the video on your iPhone. To save a video, you have to press the share button at the bottom of the screen, and tap on “Save Video”. As soon as you choose the save video option, the video will be downloaded by your iPhone and saved in the storage.

To retrieve the saved videos on your iPhone, you need to use the Photos application. In this application, you will find the photos and videos taken with your iPhone, but also the photos and videos you saved.

It can be quite a mess to retrieve the correct video though, I’m taking a lot of pictures, and I currently have 6234 photos and videos in my Photos application. If the video you save has been taken or created days or weeks ago, it won’t be the last available video in your Photos app and will be lost among the others.

To find my saved videos in an easier way on my iPhone, I’m using the search feature. Search for videos first to get all your videos, then search for something inside the video. It can be someone, an animal, or an object. If it does not always work, it already saved me a lot of time.

Where to find downloaded videos on iPhones

The videos you downloaded on Safari or using another application are not always located in the same place as the ones you saved. Saved videos mean the videos saved in your Photos application, while Downloaded videos mean the videos downloaded on a third-party application.

Sometimes, while browsing the web using Safari or any other web browser, you might want to download a video. Once the download is finished, you try to find the video in your Photos application, but it’s not there, you are looking at the wrong place.

Each file downloaded on Safari, even if it’s a video, can be found in the Files application. So, to find your downloaded videos on your iPhone, you need to look into the Files app:

  1. Open the Files application on your iPhone
  2. Go to the homepage of the Files app
  3. Go to iCloud Drive
  4. And go to the Download folder, your downloaded video should be there

If you can’t find the video, you might have selected a different folder for the files downloaded on Safari, continue to search for the video in the Files application, but in different folders.

If you are interested in taking videos on your iPhone, I suggest you connect an external microphone to your iPhone to make better videos.



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