How long does it take to replace an iPhone battery?

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Changing the iPhone’s battery can give a new life to your iPhone, here is how long you will have to wait for the battery replacement.

It takes less than 2 hours to replace the battery on an iPhone. Many factors will have an impact on the time needed for an iPhone battery replacement. Is the battery available at the store, is there a technician available to do the work, what is the model of your iPhone, all of this can change the time needed to replace the battery.

Apart from the time necessary to replace the battery, there is also the time required to make tests on the iPhone, to ensure that the phone is still water resistant for example. Once the battery has been changed, the battery life will be reset to its original capacity, and your iPhone battery cycle count to zero.

How long does it take to replace an iPhone battery at an apple store?

If all the needed parts and tools are at the Apple store, the battery replacement does not take long. Most of the time it will take about 1 hour to replace iPhone batteries, but better to plan 2 hours in case they have a lot of work to do.

Be sure to take an appointment before going to the Apple store. The first reason is that they will book a time slot to replace your battery, but they will also be sure to have everything they need to perform the battery replacement, including a new battery.

So first, go to this Apple webpage to get in touch with an Apple store and book a time slot. Check your iPhone battery warranty, especially if your iPhone battery health is lower than 80%.

How long does an iPhone battery replacement take at a non-Apple repair store?

You can also ask for a battery replacement for your iPhone at different places than Apple stores, but be sure that the repair store you are going to is an Apple-authorized service provider, you can find the list here.

Going to an unofficial repair store would break any ongoing warranty, and the repair store could not replace the battery with an original one.

The most known authorized Apple provider is Best Buy. A battery replacement at Best Buy will be done on the same day, I can’t be more precise as every store is different. Mine took about 2 hours to be replaced but my friend’s iPhone battery replacement took a full day at Best Buy.

Once again, be sure that they have the new battery in their stock before you leave them your phone. The best would be to call them before going to the store.

While you can save a few dollars by going to a non-Apple repair store like Best Buy, most of the time you can’t take an appointment and Apple support is better than the other ones.

Do It Yourself - How long does it take to replace iPhone batteries?

You should not try to replace your iPhone battery by yourself the operation is quite complicated and you could damage your iPhone if you are not careful enough or if you do not have the correct tools.

If you think you can replace the iPhone, it should take you less than 1 hour to change the battery.

I did it by following this tutorial from iFixit but using this kit and battery I bought on Amazon.


If it's normal to see battery health decreasing on iPhones, at some point you should consider replacing the battery.

Battery replacement not only means the battery last longer but also the phone will be faster. Indeed low battery health on your iPhone could mean that the iPhone has reduced its power capacity to fit with the iPhone battery health.

I recommend going to an Apple store to replace your battery as you could have issues with FaceID or with the battery percentage if you are going to a non-Apple store or if you are doing the battery replacement yourself.



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