How long do iPhone batteries last?

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According to Apple information and averages based on real experience, I made math to determine how long iPhone batteries last, here is the result.

An iPhone original battery is lasting about 3 years on average. It’s not easy to give a precise answer as the battery life of your iPhone will depend on many things, including what is your iPhone model and how you are using your phone. I still tried to give a precise answer based on my experience and information given by Apple to tell you more precisely how long iPhone batteries last.

Through this post, I won't talk about iPhone batteries having a specific issue, like if the battery is swelling.

Let’s first define what is a dead iPhone battery to tell how long it last.

When can we consider an iPhone battery dead?

Everyone battery’s life is different. First, everyone is using his iPhone differently, some will use it a lot throughout the day, playing video games or passing hours on social media, which will result in a battery lasting shorter. While others could use it only professionally, checking and answering emails, and taking notes, some photos as well but nothing using too much of the iPhone battery.

Secondly, the definition of a dead iPhone battery will not be the same for everyone. Some will say that an iPhone battery last until they can’t use their phone for a full day without having to charge it in the mid-day. While others will consider that the iPhone battery won’t need to be replaced until the iPhone can’t deliver full power capacity due to the aged battery.

But Apple considers that below 80% battery health, the battery can be considered as aged and therefore could need to be replaced. Depending on how you are using your iPhone, below 80% of battery health, you could experience some slowdown.

Lower battery health does not only mean a lower battery capacity but also that the maximum power that the battery can deliver will be lower. Therefore, your iPhone will reduce its power to fit with the battery health, and will be slower. You can read more about it on the Apple website.

As 80% is just a threshold given by Apple and most people will still be happy with their iPhone battery, I will take 75% battery health in this article. If the battery could still last a bit longer, at 75% battery health you should consider replacing it.

How long does it take for iPhone batteries to reach 75% battery health?

According to Apple, 80% should not be reached before 500 cycles. But my iPhone has already 300 cycles and is still at 94% of battery health. So I don’t think that the threshold of 500 cycles at 80% is an average. You can check how many cycles has your iPhone battery with a Shortcut I made.

Let’s make an average of both, my iPhone lost 0.02 percent of battery health per cycle, while using the Apple threshold, an iPhone would lose 0.04 percent of battery health per cycle. So let’s say that an iPhone battery is losing 0.03 percent of battery health for each cycle.

It means that it would take around 850 cycles for an iPhone battery to reach 75% of battery health. So, we can say that an iPhone battery last around 750 cycles. Using this, let’s find out how many days an iPhone battery last.

So how many days do iPhone batteries last?

If you are someone using a lot your phone, you probably use a full charge of your iPhone each day, but on average, people are using 80% of their iPhone’s battery every day. It means that they are using 0.8 battery cycles every day.

To reach the 850 battery cycle count, it will take 1062 days. So we can say that on average, iPhone batteries last 2 years 10 months, and 27 days. Of course, it depends on many factors, including which iPhone model you are using.

Anyway, it is safe to say that one should consider replacing an iPhone battery after 3 years of usage. It’s not a complicated task to do, you can either go to an Apple Store or choose to replace the battery on your own, in this case, here are the best iPhone battery replacement.

How to make your iPhone battery last longer?

The answer is quite simple, the less you are using your iPhone, the longer the battery will last. There are still a few things to be done to increase your iPhone’s battery life:

  • Delete all the applications you are not using
  • Use Wi-Fi whenever you can, mobile networks is using more battery than Wi-Fi
  • Diminish brightness to reduce battery usage
  • Enable “Optimized Battery Charging” in Settings -> Battery -> Battery Health & Charging
  • Use a good iPhone charger.



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