Does your iPhone charge faster in Low Power mode?

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Is it worth it to enable the low power mode while charging your iPhone? Does it make it charge faster? I’ve made an experiment for you.

The study explained here clearly says that an iPhone does charge faster with the Low Power mode enabled than without. Read more about it below.

The best way to make sure there was a difference while charging your iPhone, was to do an experiment. I compared how much time was needed to charge my iPhone 13 with the low power mode enabled, and without.

Time needed to charge an iPhone with and without the low power mode enabled

Why Low Power mode should charge faster your iPhone?

Low Power mode has been designed to save a little battery life, trying to make your battery last longer. To achieve this, many features are disabled once you’ve enabled the low power mode or battery saver mode.

Indeed, your iPhone will reduce the usage of some features, in order to reduce the battery usage, and therefore make it last longer.

Moreover, while your iPhone is charging, it is still powered on and therefore needs the power to perform usual tasks such as background app refresh or notifications. The power used by your iPhone at this time is not going into the battery. You might have already noticed that your iPhone takes longer to charge when you are using it.

As Low Power mode is reducing battery usage, even when the charger is plugged in, it should help to make your iPhone charge faster. But let’s verify this theory with an experimentation

Does Low power mode help to charge your iPhone faster?

The best thing to do to answer the question is to make a few tests. I just have to compare how much time is needed to charge my iPhone while Low power mode is enabled and disabled.

Test explain

I’ll start this experiment by how much time I need to charge my iPhone without low power mode enabled. The test is not complicated, no fancy shortcuts as I made during this one on.

I just have to take a few notes, about the battery percentage, and about time, that’s all.

To be sure my iPhone battery health won’t decrease during both tests, as it could have an impact on the result, I’ve made the tests in a row.

Results without low power mode

I’ve started the test with 32% battery left on my iPhone 13. Then I plugged in a normal charger (20 W), started a stopwatch, and left my iPhone on my desk without touching it. I just checked from time to time the percent of battery, as I wanted to stop the test at 80%

Once the battery reached 80%, I stopped the stopwatch. The iPhone took 59 minutes to charge from 32% to 80% of battery.

Time to charge an iPhone 13 from 32% to 80% battery with the low power mode disabled

Results with low power mode

The day after this first test, I made the exact same one, from 32 to 80% battery, but with the low power mode enabled this time.

This time, my iPhone took 47 minutes and 37 seconds to charge from 32% to 80%, so quite faster than without.

Time needed to charge an iPhone 13 from 32% to 80% battery with the low power mode enabled

As a conclusion, the experiment is clearly showing that my iPhone charged faster with the low power mode. I tried to be in the exact same conditions between the two tests, but it’s difficult to say I really was.

More tests would be needed to confirm what’s the exact difference, but I think we can say low power mode still helps to charge your iPhone faster.

Is it bad to charge your iPhone in low power mode?

There is no reason charging your iPhone in low power mode would be bad, the low power mode does not damage the battery, even if your iPhone is charging.

As I’ve tested here, the Low Power mode is even good for your iPhone battery health.

And the conclusion is the same if your iPhone is charging. As the low power mode is only disabling and reducing some features of your iPhone, it can’t have a bad impact on your battery.

Low Power mode can also help to fix an overheating charging iPhone issue.



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