The developers of Google Chrome. All you need to know

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Google Chrome is the most famous web browser nowadays, but who is behind Google Chrome development? Who are the creators? The answers are not easy to find but I did my research and here is what I found

The first creator of Google Chrome, if we have to name someone, is Linus Upson. When he started the Chrome browser project, he was the manager of Google’s team of Firefox contributors. But many people were needed to be able to develop a brand new browser.

Who are the creators of Google Chrome?

The creator, Linus Upson

Linus Upson joined Google in 2005, he was responsible for Google’s browser products including Google Chrome. Before that, he was an engineer at Netscape and NeXT and co-founded two companies, Qurb and AvantGo. Today, Linus Upson leas Verily’s Debug Project. Verily, or Verily Life Sciences, is Google’s research organization devoted to the study of life sciences.

Multiprocess architecture by Darin Fisher

Darin Fisher was also part of the Google team who contribute to Firefox when the idea of Google Chrome popped up in 2006. By 2006, a lot of very good web applications like Gmail or YouTube started to become famous but also started to use a lot of resources and web browsers were not able to stay stable. By letting Gmail open on your browser the whole night, your browser was getting very slow in the morning.

Darin Fisher came up with the idea of using multi-processes to keep good stability with heavy web applications. Multi-processes were a new feature at that time, Windows just started to be capable to deal with multi-threading and so on.

Initial UI

One of the important points of Google Chrome was the user interface, it has to be loved by the users. The team chooses to keep it simple, and minimalist. The interface had let the maximum of the available space for the content, with no fancy toolbar or extension that could reduce that space.

The known names of the team members of the UI at the start of Google Chrome are Arnaud Weber, Glen Murphy, Brian Rakowski, and Ben Goodger.

There are many different skills needed to build a website, so a lot of people were developing the Google Chrome project. Most of them were part of the Firefox contributors working at Google because Google was contributing to Firefox before Google Chrome.

They allowed Google to launch successfully Google Chrome in 2008.

Who is in charge of Google Chrome today?

Today, the person in charge of Google Chrome is Parisa Tabriz. She has been working at the United States Digital Service previously and started to work at Google as a “hired hacker”, she has always tried to make Google products more secure since that.

She is named the security princess at Google and makes Chrome browser the most secure browser.

Who develop Chrome today?

For sure, Google is the biggest contributor to Chrome development, but as they made it open-sourced with Chromium, they are many developers contributing to the development today.

The chromium repository is on GitHub to let anyone contribute to the project.

As many different browsers are using the Chromium project to build their browsers, they are also contributing a lot to his development. We can assume that Microsoft or Opera are contributing to the Chromium development.

None of them are fully open source, the only open-source well-known web browser is Firefox



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