Does Chrome sell your data?

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Nobody wants to see their data sold somewhere on the web, it’s normal to be worried about it. Let’s what Google Chrome does with your data.

No, according to Google, they are not selling your data collected from Chrome. It’s in their privacy policy. However, as Google is also the bigger ads’ provider in the world, are your data used to make money ? Yes, definitel.

The Google privacy policy

I know, you do not read any of the Google policy they ask you to accept, I don’t read it either, nobody does. But they clearly say in it that:

  • They do not sell your data.
  • They do not use sensitive information like health, race, or religion to personalize ads
  • They never use the content you create to personalize ads

It means that your data are not sold to another company, but they clearly say that your data are used to personalize ads. Google Chrome is free and they do not sell your data, but they are making make money with it.

This is the global Google policy, it applies to Google Chrome as it applies to every Google tool you use.

The data collected by Google Chrome

Thanks to Apple, we do know what kind of information is collected and used by Google Chrome. Indeed, to be able to add their Chrome app to the Apple app store, Google, like all others apps editor, had to add all the information collected by the app. You can retrieve this information here.

Here is an image summarizing the data collected

So not all of these data are used to analyze your profile and make money with it, but we can assume that the data under the analytics part can be used to personalize ads.

Unfortunately, we do not have enough details to completely understand what kind of data is collected. It would be interesting to know what is under the Usage Data part.

Google is not selling your data collected from Chrome. But, it does not mean they are not using them to make more money with it.

Google is also the bigger ads provider, it’s almost the only part of their revenue. They want to make as much money as they can. We know today that personalized ads are more useful for the companies buying ads, it means to them that the people seeing their ads will be more interested in them.

If these ads are better for the companies, they pay higher for them. The more personalized the ads are, the higher their price, and the better the Google earnings.

So we can assume that the data collected by Google in Chrome are used to personalize ads, they are not selling your data, but they are making money with it.

How much money make Google with Google Ads ?

Google made more than $200 billion in 2021, while they made less than $150 billion in 2020.

Their revenue is increasing exponentially year after year, mainly because Google Ads are becoming better. Indeed, Google is always trying to improve the ads for the people to be interested in them and click on them.

They are personalized ads to achieve this but are also using AI to find the best ads to show for each website.

Statistic: Advertising revenue of Google from 2001 to 2021 (in billion U.S. dollars) | Statista



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