Why do I look fat in iPhone pictures?

Modified Nov. 3, 2023, 9:20 p.m.


Do not worry, this happen to anyone. I explanations that will convince yourself that this is not an issue you should worry about.

You look more fat in iPhone pictures because the curves are flatten in the pictures compared to how they look in 3 dimensions, in real life.

iPhone pictures flatten the curves and made you look fat

When you look at you in a mirror, as you see somebody else in real life, you see yourself in 3 dimensions. You can clearly say that the tip of your nose is closer than the back of your ears.

All the curve of your body can be discern easily, you can tell how long is your face, if your nose is longer than the one of your friend and so on.

But when you look at a picture of yourself, one that you took with your iPhone, you can’t see yourself in 3 dimensions. Therefore the curves are not easily discerned than in real life. You can’t tell anymore how long is your nose.

As you can’t see the curves of your body, every curve is flatten and your body look larger than you really are.

You look more fat on your iPhone’s picture because the curves are flatten in 2 dimensions and your body appear larger. The good news is that everybody look more fat in pictures than in real life, so don’t be too worried about this.

If you find that you do not look more fat but also more ugly on your iPhone pictures than in real life, it can also be because you are used to see yourself as a mirrored version. Most of the time you see yourself, it is in a mirror. That’s also the reason why you look ugly in the pictures taken with your iPhone front camera.

You look more fat if you are too close to the camera

Another reason why you look more fat in your iPhone pictures than in real life might be because you are too close from your iPhone when you are taking the pictures.

When you take a selfie, you have to be close enough to your iPhone to be able to touch the shutter button. But by doing this, the part of yourself in the center of the picture will be closer to the camera sensor of your iPhone than the part on the side of the picture, which result in a distorted version of yourself.

Hopefully, iOS is applying modification to the photo to reduce the distorsion effect. But if you are really close to the iPhone camera, then the modification will make you appear bigger than if you are.

Try to get a little bit far away from your iPhone while you are taking photos of yourself or your friends, so you won’t look so fat.


Do not worry too much about how you look in the pictures, and why you look fat, everyone has the same issue.

How you look in the pictures is actually a more accurate version of yourself, compared to how you look in the mirror. Accept yourself the way you are, this is how people see you, and they will prefer to see you like this instead of a mirrored version of yourself.



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