How much does iPhone charger port repair cost?

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I’ve checked all the options to repair an iPhone charger port, and here is the best of them

At a repair store, an iPhone charger port repair costs between $80 and $100 on average. There are still cheaper options.


First of all, if your iPhone is still under warranty, you should bring it to an official Apple Store. They will check the issue, and replace any damaged part for free.

iPhone charger port repair cost at different stores

I’ve asked a few repair stores in the US about how much an iPhone charger port replacement costs in their store. Of course, it depends on the model of your iPhone, the newest your iPhone is, the more expensive the charger port repair will be.

Jet City Device Repair

The store has 3 service locations, Seattle, Bellevue, and Chicago. They do not seem to apply different costs for each location.

I’ve checked many iPhone models, and each time the cost to repair an iPhone charger port was $99.

For example, here is the website page for the iPhone 11.

Smart Tech Phone Repair

Smart Tech Phone Repair seems a little bit cheaper than the previous one. They have many different Service Locations, be sure to check their website to find out if there is a store near your location.

For an iPhone charging port repair, the cost is $79, whatever your iPhone model is.

iPhone charger port repair cost at an official Apple Store

An iPhone charger port replacement at an official Apple Store is very expensive. Depending on your model, it starts from $300 to up to $500.

In my personal opinion, the repair cost is too expensive to be worth it. At this point, if your iPhone has a few years, it’s better to sell it and buy a new one.

You should better either go to another repair store or try to repair it yourself.

iPhone charger port repair cost if you do it yourself

If you are not scared about electronics, or if you already fixed a phone by yourself, you can try to fix your iPhone charger port by yourself, it’s definitely the cheapest option.

Each time I want to repair something by myself, I check the iFixit website. The components are quite cheap but still reliable, and they provide the required tools and tutorials.

The component to replace the charger port on an iPhone 11 is $25.

iPhone charger port repair for free

The main question is why does your charger port is not working anymore on your iPhone? The main reason, at least each time I or one of my friends had an issue with it, is because of some dirty stuff inside the port itself.

Check on your iPhone if it’s the case, you might need a light to be able to see anything. If you see some dirty things inside the port, it’s not too complicated to fix!

The best thing to do is to bring your iPhone to an official Apple Store, they will clean it for free! It’s done by professionals, so no risk to damage anything.

If you can’t go to an Apple Store, you still can clean the charger port yourself. I’m using this tool I’ve found on Amazon, whatever is inside your iPhone charger port will be cleaned by this one!



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