Fix a Cracked iPhone Camera - 2023

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iPhone camera can be easily damaged, here is how to fix it depending on which part is damaged.

A cracked iPhone Camera can be difficult and expensive to replace, depending on where is the damage. Either only the protective glass is damaged, and therefore it’s quite easy to fix, you can even do it yourself. Or the camera lens is cracked and in this case, it’s either expensive to make it repair, or difficult to do by yourself. I still give you some information if you want to try it.

In either case, you first need to ask yourself if you can’t just continue to use your iPhone with this cracked camera. Is it really impacting your photos? Does it make them worst? If nothing changes, then I won’t replace the cracked camera.

Replacement can make things worst, and the camera is an expensive part of iPhones. But sometimes, a cracked iPhone camera can add flare issue to your iPhone, and also damage your iPhone camera focus capabilities.

Replace the protective camera glass on iPhones

A cracked iPhone camera can be easily replaced if only the protective glass is damaged. Since the iPhone 11, all iPhones have the same protective glass, which is added at the top of the camera covering.

The issue is that when your iPhone is falling and touch the ground on the back, the camera covering is the first thing to touch the ground. Therefore, the chances that your iPhone camera get cracked is quite high.

Hopefully, this part is not very difficult to replace, here are the steps to replace the covering glass on iPhones if it’s cracked:

  1. Buy this kind of replacement kit which is very cheap.
  2. Clean everything correctly. It’s important to remove any dust, you don’t want anything to go into the camera part once you’ve removed the protective glass.
  3. Remove the damaged part using the provided steel tool. Be careful to avoid any scratches on your iPhone, but the steel tool is thin enough to remove the damaged protective glass.
  4. Clean the surface. You need to clean again using provided cleaner paper so the adhesive of the new protecting glass will stick to the iPhone. You can also use the dust remover if there is still dust somewhere.
  5. Stick the new protective glass in the correct position.

That’s it, your iPhone camera should be taking better pictures than the previous broken glass. Note that your iPhone is less waterproof than before, make sure it’s not too wet around your iPhone rear camera.

Replace the cracked lens camera on iPhones

If the lens is also cracked on your iPhone camera, then it’s way more difficult to replace as you need to get into your iPhone.

The first option is to make an appointment at a repair store. While an unofficial Apple repair store might be cheaper, you will probably lose your iPhone warranty if there is still one ongoing, or if you subscribed to the AppleCare+ one.

The best way would be to go directly to an Apple Store, or at least an Apple-certified repair store. If it can be very expensive, up to $160, you are sure you won’t lose any ongoing warranty, on the replacement part will be an official one.

Replace the cracked camera iPhone by yourself

Another way to get a cracked camera fixed is to replace it yourself. An iPhone camera replacement part can be found at $60 on iFixit, or at less than $20 on AliExpress.

Replacing a rear camera on iPhone is not so easy to do.



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