How many amps output an iPhone charger?

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Knowing how many amps an iPhone charger delivers can be useful in many cases. I’ve checked the amps for all the Apple chargers.

The latest iPhone charger made by Apple, the 20W USB-C charger, outputs 2.22 amps. There are 3 different Apple iPhone charger thought.

On every Apple charger, if not on every charger, you can find information about output current under the charger itself.

Different chargers with different amps

How many amps does an iPhone charger deliver?

There are 3 different chargers for iPhones. The old iPhone charger delivers 5W, an 18W USB-C charger, and a 20W USB-C charger which is the latest.

Depending on whether you received an iPhone charger with your iPhone, or you bought one after, you could have a different one.

Here are how many amps each iPhone charger delivers:

  • The 5W charger delivers 1 amp
  • The 18W USB-C charger delivers 3 amps on normal charging, and 2 amps (with 9 volts) on fast charging
  • The 20W USB-C charger delivers 3 amps on normal charging, and 2.22 amps (with 9 volts) on fast charging

If you bought an iPhone earlier than the iPhone 11 model, then you probably received the 5W old charger. Later than iPhone 11, if you still received a charger, it’s the 18W USB-C charger.

You can check the model and the amps delivered by your charger by looking under the charger, on the side that faces the outlet.

Is it safe to use a 2.1 amps charger to charge an iPhone?

Yes, you can use an Apple charger delivering 2.1 amps to charge your iPhone. The charger delivering 2.1 amps is the one sent with some older models of iPads.

As I explain here, all iPad chargers can be used to charge an iPhone, and all iPhone chargers can be used to charge an iPad.

Indeed, every Apple charger delivers at least 5 volts, which is accepted by every Apple device.

What are the maximum amps an iPhone can receive?

You can use whatever charger you want to charge your iPhone, as far as the output voltage is compatible with your iPhone. If it’s an Apple charger, then you have nothing to worry about, even if it's a Macbook charger, you can use it to charge your iPhone.

A charger can deliver more amps than an iPhone needs, it’s not an issue. The iPhone will take all the amps that it can take, and the rest won’t be used.

Each iPhone model will use a specific amount of amps, if you are using a charger that delivers more than that, then your iPhone will just take what it needs. But if you are using a charger that delivers less than the maximum amps an iPhone can take, then the charge will last longer.


So, there is no need to worry about how many amps a charger delivers and how many amps an iPhone needs, in any case, there won’t be any issue.

However, if you are using a charger delivering not enough amps for your iPhone, the charge will be much longer. Be sure to use one of the best iPhone battery chargers to enjoy a charge at maximum speed.

Be sure to check the voltage if you are not sure about the charger you are using. It must be 5 volts, for normal charging. And fast charging required a charger delivering 9 volts. If the voltage is similar to any Apple device, you can't charge an Apple Watch using an iPhone charger.



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