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Zwift is the best virtual bicycle application today, but it requires a computer to work correctly. Here is how to use it on a Chromebook laptop

Zwift is an application that you can connect through your smart bike or speed sensors and power meters to be able to play a game while you are cycling, run a virtual race, and compete against other players. Zwift is working on many devices including smartphones and provides a second application named Companion to enhance your experience. I love this app especially in winter when biking outside is complicated where I live, let’s see if Zwift is working on a Chromebook.

Can you run Zwift on a Chromebook?

Yes, you can run Zwift on some Chromebooks using the application on the Google Play Store. It has not been always the case as Zwift was removed from the play store for Chromebooks, it has been added recently. So you might still find answers telling that this is not possible, but look at the date of these answers.

Zwift can be installed on some Chromebooks, but not all of them, unfortunately. You need to have a Chromebook with an Arm64 architecture, mostly all tablets but not so many laptops. The application has been made for Android smartphones that are running on Arm64 architecture, be sure to choose an Arm64 Chromebook if you do not already have one.

I’m using Zwift on my Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook, so I know that it is working well but it’s still a good and expensive Chromebook compared to others. Be sure to choose a recent one as Zwift is not available in the Google Play Store for Chromebook for a long time.


Once you downloaded and installed the application on your Chromebook as detailed below, be sure to install the Zwift Companion App on your smartphone to enhance the experience. Therefore it makes no difference between Zwift on a Chromebook and a Windows computer.

How to download and install Zwift on Chromebook?

The installation of Zwift on Chromebook is really basic, you just have to search for the application on the Google Play Store and install it. Here are the detailed steps:

  • Open the Google Play Store on your Chromebook
  • Search for “Zwift” or click on this link.
  • Click on Install
  • Open the Zwift application and follow the process, you might need to create a Zwift account
  • Pair your device with the application, this step depends on the type of device you have but there is a detailed article on the Zwift website here.
  • Start a new game to make sure it’s working and enjoy the run!

As far as you are choosing a recent Chromebook running on an Arm64 architecture, the Zwift application will work great on it!



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