Voice Memos App: Making the Most of Your iPhone's Microphone

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Have you ever found yourself wishing you could quickly record a thought, capture a song idea, or remember a grocery list without typing it out? That's where the Voice Memos app on your iPhone comes in super handy.

It's a simple yet powerful tool that's often overlooked. In this post, I want to share how you can make the most of this little gem.

First off, let’s talk about what Voice Memos is. If you’ve never used it, it’s an app that comes pre-installed on your iPhone. It uses your phone’s built-in microphone to record audio. You can find it by swiping down on your home screen and typing "Voice Memos" in the search bar.

Now, why would you want to use Voice Memos? Here are a few reasons that I find it incredibly useful:

  1. Capturing Ideas: As a writer, I often get ideas at the most random times – in the shower, during a walk, or right before falling asleep. Instead of letting these ideas slip away, I quickly record them in Voice Memos.
  2. Practice Sessions: If you’re a musician or a speaker, recording your practice sessions is a great way to track your progress and work on your technique.
  3. Important Conversations: Sometimes, during a meeting or a lecture, it’s hard to jot down all the important points. Recording it (with permission, of course) means you won’t miss anything.
  4. Personal Diary: For those who prefer speaking to writing, Voice Memos can be a wonderful way to keep a personal diary.

How to Use Voice Memos

Using Voice Memos is pretty straightforward. Open the app, and you’ll see a big red button at the bottom of the screen. Tap it, and you’re recording! To stop, just tap the red button again. Your recording will automatically save with a default name like “New Recording,” but you can easily rename it by tapping on the name and typing in whatever you want.

Tips for Better Recordings

While using Voice Memos is easy, there are a few tricks to getting the best quality recordings:

  • Find a Quiet Spot: Background noise can be really distracting. Try to find a quiet place to record.
  • Speak Clearly: Talk directly into the microphone and speak clearly. This makes a huge difference in the quality of your recording.
  • Use Headphones with a Mic: If you have headphones with a built-in microphone, use them! They can often provide better sound quality than your phone’s built-in mic. The best is to use a professional external microphone.
  • Edit Your Recordings: Did you know you can trim your recordings right in the app? Just select your recording, tap “Edit,” and then you can trim the start and end of your recording.

Sharing Your Recordings

Once you’ve made a recording, you might want to share it. Voice Memos makes this super easy. Just select the recording, tap the share icon (it looks like a box with an arrow pointing up), and choose how you want to share – via message, email, or even to your social media.

Other Creative Uses

The Voice Memos app isn’t just for recording spoken words. Here are some creative ways I’ve seen it used:

  • Recording Nature Sounds: Love the sound of rain or birds chirping? Record these sounds and use them for relaxation or as a background for meditation.
  • Capturing Memories: Record your kids talking or your family at a gathering. These audio snapshots can be just as precious as photos.
  • Songwriting: If you're a musician, Voice Memos is great for capturing melodies or lyrical ideas on the fly.


The Voice Memos app is a fantastic tool that's already on your iPhone. Whether you’re capturing ideas, practicing for a presentation, or just keeping track of your thoughts, it’s incredibly useful. Give it a try – you might be surprised at how often you use it!

And remember, the key to making the most of Voice Memos is to start using it. So next time you have an idea or need to remember something, just hit that red button and start recording. It's as simple as that!



Maxime Levesque is a technical engineer with more than 5 years of professional experience. He is an expert in computer and phones, mostly on Apple products. Maxime is also the founder of TechBrowser.

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