iPhone Camera turns on by itself - iOS 16

Modified Nov. 19, 2023, 11:34 a.m.


Your iPhone Camera turns on by itself and you don’t know why? Here is why it happens and how to fix the issue.

To avoid your iPhone Camera to turn on by itself, most of the time you need to disable the back tap feature in the Accessibility settings.

Here is how to disable this feature, among other ways to fix the issue if the back tap feature is not enabled on your iPhone.

iPhone camera turns on because of the back tap feature

Apple added an accessibility feature on iPhone, depending on the number of taps you do on the back of your iPhone, an action will be triggered. This is working even if you have a case protecting your iPhone.

It is a great feature to help disabled people that have trouble to perform some actions on their iPhones but is most of the time used to speed up some actions, such as quickly opening an application.

By default, by doing two back taps, your iPhone will open the camera app. It can be very useful to take pictures faster, but unfortunately, the double back taps feature is triggered way too often. Everyone is sometimes somehow tapping two times in a row at the back of their iPhones by mistake.

Hopefully, you can disable this feature in the Accessibility settings of your iPhone.

To disable the back tap feature and stop your iPhone camera turns on by itself:

  1. Open the Settings application
  2. Go to Accessibility
  3. Open Touch
  4. Scroll to the bottom and open “Back Tap”
  5. To completely disable the Back Tap feature, choose None for both double-tap and triple tap

You can also choose different actions and only choose to enable one of them.

Check if a shortcut is enabled

If the back tap feature was disabled but you still have the issue with your iPhone camera turning on by itself, you need to search somewhere else. Another way to turn on the camera on iPhone without opening the camera application is to create a Siri Shortcut or automation.

There is no way this automation had been added by itself, but you could still have enabled one by mistake.

Open your Shortcuts application and check if there is any Shortcut that could make the camera turn on, and be sure to also check the automation tab.

If you see anything that could be the cause of the issue, just delete it and way a few days, or until you see the issue happening again. If the issue is still here and no Shortcuts or automation could be the cause, there is one last thing that you can check.

Update your iPhone

The last possible cause of the camera turning on by itself on the iPhone is because of a bad iOS version, a bug somewhere in the software. It can happen, especially if you are currently trying the latest beta version of iOS.

When this kind of bug is in an iOS version, Apple usually releases another version containing soon after. But if you installed the iOS version with a bug, you won’t see the bug disappearing until you install the patch.

To fix the issue, check if there is any new version available in Settings > General > Software Update and install it if there is one. Remember that you could experience a battery health dropping issue after installing a new version, it’s a normal behavior.



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