How to Record Telegram Voice Calls on iPhone

Modified Dec. 11, 2023, 9:10 a.m.


Telegram, a popular messaging app, offers voice call features, but how do you record these calls on an iPhone? In this article, I'm going to walk you through the steps and tips on effectively recording Telegram voice calls on your iPhone.

To record a voice call on iPhone in the Telegram application, you need to be the creator of the voice call. When you create and start a call, an option to record the call will appear.

To record a telegram voice call when you are not the creator of the voice call, you will need to use a third party application.

Understanding the Basics

Before diving into the technicalities, it's important to understand the legal and ethical considerations of recording calls. Always ensure that all parties involved in the call are aware of and consent to the recording.

Remember, recording calls without consent can be illegal in some jurisdictions. Always ensure compliance with local laws.

Step-by-Step Guide to Record Telegram Voice Calls on iPhone

  1. Use a Dedicated Recording App: Since iOS does not natively support call recording, using a third-party app is the most straightforward method. Apps like 'Rev Call Recorder' or 'TapeACall' can be handy. Make sure to download a reliable app from the App Store.
  2. Set Up the Recording App: After installing your chosen app, follow its setup instructions. This usually involves granting necessary permissions and perhaps registering for an account.
  3. Initiate the Call on Telegram: Open Telegram and start your voice call as you normally would.
  4. Record the Call: Once the call is active, follow your recording app's process to start recording. This often involves leaving the Telegram app momentarily to activate the recording feature in the recording app.
  5. Save and Edit Your Recording: After the call, the recording app should allow you to save the file. Some apps also offer editing features to trim or label the recording for easy reference.

Tips for Quality Recording

  • Ensure a Stable Internet Connection: Since Telegram calls are over the internet, a stable connection is key to a clear recording.
  • Test Your Recording App: Before an important call, test your recording setup to ensure everything works smoothly.
  • Mind the Storage: High-quality recordings can take up significant storage space. Ensure your iPhone has enough space before starting.
  • Use an External Microphone: Using an external microphone will ensure your voice will be recorded in a high audio-quality.


Recording Telegram voice calls on an iPhone requires a bit of setup, but with the right tools and following these steps, it's a straightforward process. Remember to consider the legal implications and ensure you have consent from all parties involved in the call.

Whether you're recording for personal reasons or professional needs, these steps will ensure you capture your Telegram voice calls effectively on your iPhone. Happy recording!



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